IC "Modern Building Construction" with the support of NP "Joint Council for Technical Regulation in the building", NGO "Union of Consumer Market" (SUPR) and other organizations since 2008, is implementing the project "Monitoring Russia's window and facade market."
During the continuous monitoring of the market is monitored, collected and analyzed the activities and the volume of production companies, manufacturers of window and facade construction, operation and production volume manufacturing companies system profiles of PVC and aluminum, the activities of producers and suppliers of window fittings, materials and components. Analyzes the situation on the national and regional markets, we study consumer demand, which determines the dynamics and consumption of window and facade designs
In the analysis carried out in the framework of the project in 2009, 2012., Are:
• The analysis of the development of the Russian market of window and facade in 1990-2012 gg.
• Implemented using the balance of inventory flow calculations of the basic indicators of the Russian market of window and facade for the years 2000-2012.
• Analysis of the system manufacturers of window and facade profiles, production capacity, production, financials, etc.
• Analysis of the largest manufacturers of window frames and exterior designs, production capacity, production, financials, etc.
• Assessing the potential of national and regional markets, based on the condition of the existing residential and non-residential, new construction and renovation, ability to pay, the consumer demand.
• Analysis of key consumer groups.
• Key figures and trends in individual sectors of the market (PVC, aluminum, wood).
• Assessment of the prospects of the market and its individual sectors in 2013-2015.
• Other relevant information.
One important result is the formation of the ranking (ranking lists) leading Russian companies-manufacturers of window and facade designs.
Rating required for the market, because it allows an objective assessment of the situation, to discover "who's who" in the market. Rating allows not only to determine the leading companies in the industry, but based on the dynamics of their development to determine trends in the market as a whole, to identify market niches.
Participation in the rating gives the manufacturer's competitive advantage: attracting potential customers, creates a positive image of the company, is the argument for participation in tenders, cutting of small producers, justifies granting of discounts and incentives from suppliers increase the investment attractiveness of companies, is the best advertising.
Considering the effects of the financial and economic crisis and the stagnation of the market, the relevance of the objective rating increases significantly. Practice has shown that excessive promotional and self-evaluation in conjunction with the "contract" market research has led some companies to go bankrupt.
To participate in the ratings to all companies, manufacturers, regardless of the actual production.
Profile of the rating can be downloaded here: www.ssk-inform.ru and www.okna-i-dveri.info
The data provided by the companies to be re.
Therefore kindly requested to member companies: provide about yourself and your work objective data!
For example, do not say that made in 20__, more than 200 000 square meters. m products, if the power of the equipment allows the company to produce no more than 5000 square meters. m per month.
It should be noted that in the ranking lists and performance indicators in the leading companies of significant adjustments made financial and economic crisis. After a significant decline in production in 2009, manufacturing companies are very reluctant to provide specific details. Therefore, the ranking lists of 2010 and 2011 included both the companies that provided information on their activities and the companies for which information obtained from other sources and / or on the basis of the summary of expert estimates.
With the ranking-lists of page read on:

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