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Let me express my sincere gratitude for the cooperation with our publications.
Reliability of business partnership is the foundation on which the business rests. This was once again confirmed by many events of recent years.
And this allows us to note once again that over the 21-year history of our publications, in spite of all crises and problems, we have always fulfilled our obligations.
We work for our partners, so the main thing for us is your success!
Our goal is to provide the construction business community with objective information necessary for making the right decisions, to promote modern technologies, to promote the commercial success of leading manufacturers. Therefore, we have never published and will not publish "funny pictures" of ad units.
Our magazines are designed for professionals in the construction industry:
"Windows and Doors" (published since 1997),
"Roofing and Insulation" (published since 1998),
"Facade Systems" (published since 2006).
Their subscribers and regular readers are architects, designers, managers and specialists of construction organizations and manufacturers of building materials, responsible persons of administrative and state and municipal structures, experts, private entrepreneurs, employees of educational and scientific institutions from more than 300 cities and settlements of the Russian Federation.
Publication in magazines is not only a means of communication, but also a way to support the image and promote their products, including the Internet on the pages of our website
Partnership with our publications and the site ensures your interaction with a broad target audience of specialists (and not Internet bloggers) covering all regions of Russia.
We are ready to offer you a whole range of services that promote the promotion of your products, and the successful development of your business, including analytical studies on the area of ​​interest.
In a situation when many companies have reduced activity and are waiting, we suggest that you use the situation to strengthen their positions in the market. We hope that our resources and resources will help you in this.
We suggest you to plan the schedule of publications and conclude a contract for the current year. This will allow better preparation of materials for printing and, moreover, provides advertisers with significant savings by providing general and accumulative discounts.
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