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From the date of his creation in 2001 the site has got wide popularity and trust of Internet - community. In 2008 the portal has updated design and has expanded functions. At the moment on the average more than 2700 person visit a resource daily. Except for articles from magazines «Windows and Doors», «Walls and Facades», «Roof and Isolation», «Facade Systems », on a site are on a regular basis published the materials devoted to problems of development of the market, a situation in construction, to technical regulation and economy.

Our audience make, basically, experts and heads of firms and the enterprises working in building branch. On pages of a site you can find objective, systematized, technically competent and, the main thing, a trustworthy information on the following directions:
  • Modern building materials, products and designs.
  • New technologies and the equipment.
  • The organization of manufacture.
  • The leaders companies of branch.
  • The building markets of Russia and foreign countries: tendencies of development, manufacturers, suppliers, consumers.
  • Technical regulation: activity of advisory councils created at Administration of the President of the Russian Federation, and the Incorporated Council on technical regulation in construction.
  • Hearings in the State Duma of projects of laws in the field of construction.
  • Normative legal documents.

Advertising on a portal SSK-INFORM.RU is an effective way of attraction of new business partners.

We offer you various variants of accommodation of the information and advertising on our site:
  • Your exclusive personal page on our site with the reference from the main page.
  • Your banners on pages of our site.
  • A video clip of your company or action.
  • The press release of your company.
  • Sponsorship of thematic page.

The variety of advertising formats, presence of non-standard advertising opportunities, allow our advertisers not only it is favorable to sell the goods or services, but also essential to raise image of the company and production.

Sincerely we hope, that our opportunities and resources can be useful in development of your business.


Personal pages Cost, у.е.
  1. accommodation of information materials on separate personal page;
  2. accommodation of a banner (300х100) the companies on personal page;
  3. accommodation on the first page of a trade mark (button) of the company;
  4. accommodation of the news information in a heading of "News".
In a quarter In one year(in view of the discount)
450 3780

Banners Cost, у.е.
The size of a banner Accommodation In a month In a quarter(in view of the discount)
300x100 From above on all pages of a site 350 892,5
On thematic («Windows and Doors»; «Walls and Facades»; «Facade Systems»; «Roof and Isolation») pages 250 637,5
100x100 On all pages 200 510
On the main page 70 178,5
On thematic pages 50 127,5

Video clip Cost, у.е.
Personal pages 250 625
  • 1 Month in one year - 0%;
  • 2 Month in one year – 10%;
  • 3 Month in one year – 15%;
  • 6 Month in one year – 25%
  • 12 Months – 30%.
* For advertisers of magazines « Windows and Doors », « Walls and Facades », « the Roof and Isolation », « Facade Systems », issued «Modern Building Constructions», operate the special prices.