Performs jobs and offers you cooperation in following directions:
Information-analytical activity:
  • Full-scale monitoring of the Russian building market, definition of potential and tendencies of development of the market. Revealing and the analysis of the factors influencing volumes of housing construction and building of buildings and uninhabited constructions. The analysis of features of the regional markets, definition of their potential and development prospects. An estimation of system risks. The likelihood analysis and definition of prospects of development of the Russian building market and the regional markets.
  • Full-scale monitoring of the market of building materials and products, including the okonno-front market, the market insulation materials, the market of roofing materials, the markets of the equipment and accessories. Revealing and the analysis of the operating factors influencing development of the markets. The analysis of features and potential of the regional markets. An estimation of system risks for business. The likelihood analysis and definition of prospects of development of the markets.
  • Gathering, processing and the analysis of technical, commercial and other information on the building materials presented in the market, products and designs, their manufacturers and the suppliers, the used technologies, new workings out. Creation and conducting databases.
  • Carrying out of marketing researches, the analysis of dynamics and tendencies of development of separate sectors of the market, the competitive environment, etc.
  • Since 2009 we offer business community unique system of ratings (TOP-100, TOP-500, TOP-1000, «Regional leaders»), objective and a trustworthy information on manufacturers of window and front designs, including researches on regions of Russia. High professionalism and qualification of collective testify to a unique combination for Russia huge experience and rich traditions with the best world practice.
Currently IC «Modern Building Constructions» are published by 6 magazines:
Specialised catalogues-directories:
- For 1997-2012 we let out 313 of periodicals, 7 catalogues-directories, 4 collections of works of scientific conferences, 16 analytical reports.
- We offer our partners not simply advertising in editions, and a complex of services and the actions directed on advancement of production, support of image and business reputation, successful development of business.
Our editions create a uniform information field for the experts borrowed in area designing, manufactures, installation and operation of protecting designs of buildings and constructions. For 15 years of activity in uneasy political and economic conditions it was possible not only to stand and save to our editions the readers, but also to expand their circle, having deserved reputation of the doubtless leader of the Russian specialised building press.

Consulting services:
  • Consultation for choice optimum technical decisions, to selection of materials and accessories, issues of energy saving, noise isolations, waterproofings, etc.
  • Selection of executors and suppliers for realisation of concrete projects.
  • Optimisation of business decisions.
  • Independent expert appraisal.
  • Working out and support of projects of normative and technical documents.

Organizational services:
  • Assistance in an establishment of business contacts to the Russian and foreign partners. The organisation of interaction with leaders design and scientific research institutes, civil engineering firms.
  • Creation of working groups (temporary collectives) for performance of target programs.
  • The organisation and assistance in carrying out of joint actions, including exhibitions,
  • Conferences, seminars, etc.
  • The organisation of business trips on foreign specialised exhibitions and conferences (Germany, Spain, Turkey, China and etc.).
  • Distribution of the information on the actions spent by the companies-partners, including working seminars, conferences, exhibitions, the round tables, open competitions, tenders, investment projects.

Supply with information:
  • Granting of the information on firms-manufacturers and suppliers of building materials, the products completing, the process equipment, equipment, the tool.
  • Granting of the information on the newest technological workings out in the field of building and manufacture of building materials.
  • The characteristic of technical possibilities and the basic indicators of activity of domestic and foreign firms.

Our purpose: to give to business community the objective information necessary for acceptance of correct decisions!
All our knowledge and experience are aimed at promoting our partners in development of their business in Russia and abroad, to serve success in achievement of objects in view.